About Us

At Kellogg Sisters Feed & Seed, we are weaving a vibrant fabric of innovation, individual expression, and experimentation. We create bold, disruptive learning opportunities and beautiful quilted objects. Our work serves as a catalyst for social collaboration in order to cultivate deeper connection to people and planet.

I make my quilts as fast as I can so my children don’t freeze and as beautiful as I can so my heart won’t break.


The inspiration for Kellogg Sisters came from our family business, started by Fred and Verne Kellogg in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas. Kellogg Brothers Feed and Seed sold feed for livestock and seed for the land.

In this new era, we are weaving together the old and the new in order to create a living tapestry that feeds and seeds a creative, fulfilled life.

We are disrupting the familiar by inserting ourselves into the long and storied family tradition, one that goes beyond feeding and seeding of land and which moves towards the spiritual feeding feeding and seeding of our bodies and souls with beauty and creativity. The emerging family story seeks to create a new paradigm in which people and planet flourish, and where degenerative practices are replaced with principles of regeneration.

Kellogg Sisters Feed & Seed invites participants on a journey that utilizes art, community, food, land, and human connection as the common thread weaving them together.

This is a journey of self reflection, personal discovery, and continued evolution in which every path leads to discovery and where every step matters on the path to building a better world for all.

Our vision is to spark creative change in the world by evoking art as the voice of healing.

We Give Back

Kellogg Sisters gives 1% of our profits to projects that “give back”. We believe we are “nested” within several systems, and we base our giving efforts on creating reciprocity with the people, projects, and planetary systems that support our work. This giving back of our time, talent and treasure is at the heart of our business model.


The Textile Industry

Many of our products use textiles, an industry that generates huge amounts of waste and toxins worldwide, and is often responsible for poor working conditions. We support women entrepreneurs throughout the world who produce textile alternatives to the industrial textile systems. We are also searching for programs that help to keep traditional textile production alive in the midst of war and strife.

Jefferson and Douglas Counties

We are headquartered in these counties in NE Kansas, USA, and we give our time, treasure and talent to support women and girls to be more in charge of their own lives.

The Earth

Kellogg Sisters Feed & Seed lives and depends upon the Earth and its life-giving systems. In the book Drawdown by Paul Hawkin the education of girls ranks 6th in the most substantive solutions to mitigate climate change. Therefore, we choose to support international efforts which prioritize the education of girls.