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Start Your New Year BRAVE!

What brave steps could you make this year? What is holding you back? Our 12 week course walks you through the process of creating a courageous life, based on lived values and your own BIG WORK. Ready to get started?

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It's time to become the hero of your own story.

Registration is NOW OPEN for Winter 2020 - the Courageous Quest begins January 15th.
Join us!

Join our Winter group of brave souls, journeying to the heart of the matter.
Spend the next 12 weeks ensuring that you'll have a brave & beautiful new year.
Free yourself of fear, embrace your "Big Work", and become the best version of your wild & wonderful self.

Why Bother to Bring On Your Bravery?

What People Say About Bring On Your Bravery

What Exactly Will You Get From This Course?

You’ll be engaging in a developmental online learning experience, doing deep inner work for meaningful outer significance.

You’ll be designing experiments while exploring how your life is nested in systems of the wider world. We work with people to affect change on any level of society, at whatever scale you aspire to impact.

Through the Bring On Your Bravery course portal, you will gain access to:

What is the Cost of Courage?

Who deserves to be courageous? The young or old? Men or women? RICH or POOR? We believe that EVERYONE needs courage. To us, this is a movement, a call to anyone who has a BIG WORK to do in their life. How then could we restrict access to only those who could afford to pay for our course? 

With that in mind, we decided to offer our course in the spirit of the gift. This course is our gift to all of humanity. We know you will find value here, and we hope you will reciprocate, by paying what you believe it’s worth, in order to seed the movement and make it possible for everyone to Bring on Their Bravery!

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