Staying Creative, Courageous and Connected in times of Crisis

Isolation doesn't have to feel lonely.

We are living in complex times. In past times of crisis, our desire to help others drew us together. However, with this pandemic, we are encouraged to stay apart if we have the privilege to do so. This is leaving many feeling alone and powerless to help their friends and neighbors.

But uncertain times have always carried with them an opportunity to experiment. So, here at Kellogg Sisters we are sparking creative, online ways of coming-together with a new project called The Community Experiment.

We feel blessed to live in a place and time where connection is just a click away. We have scheduled a handful of Zoom Video Calls where we will play with the idea of community, exploring creativity, courage and connectedness during this crisis. Won’t you join us?


Find more courage to face this time of crisis! The presence of the COVID-19 and the collapse of financial markets is inviting us all to become creative & responsible in many new & unexpected ways. Many are now choosing to stay home – a choice that highlights the privileges and inequities in our society. It would be easy for us to drift further apart. And so, we are called to approach this time, our lives, and our neighbors in a way we never have before. This free call will bring us closer together with others looking for a more empowering approach to this crisis. Explore & get creative about how to manage fear and anxiety. How are you choosing to spend your time, and how are you caring for yourself and others? Lily & Gina apprentice themselves to courage & creativity as forces that can change lives & support regeneration. Join us to see how you are already brave and resourceful. Together, we’ve got this.

Women have always created community in times of crisis. Together we can generate supportive online communities in this a time of crisis. We can also hold space for reimagining community with our local neighbors. We still need each other, now more than ever. Join other women on this free call to explore how to care for ourselves & the world in this time of uncertainty. Lily and Gina will hold space for sisterhood and to call you into deeper courage and creativity. Shift yourself from out of fear & anxiety, stepping into courage & connection.

Join with others to find more courage, creativity, and radical hope as you face this crisis. This free call will teach you ways to explore experimentation and play with possibility in the face of the economic meltdown and the COVID-19 crisis. We will explore how to play in nature, play with our schedules, and play with how you approach this crisis with radical hope and clarity. We will discuss how this time can lead you to a more experimental life, and invites you respond more creatively to crisis and disruptive times. The scope of the challenges at hand for each person & for the world is vast. It’s only natural to feel afraid, uncertain, overwhelmed and anxious. We believe you are brave and resourceful beyond measure. Join our free call to explore how to tap into your creative & courageous source.

There are many things that have been lost or irrevocably changed by this pandemic. Some of the disruption has been for the better, but some of the effects have been painful. Let’s come together as a community and hold space for those suffering, as we examine the role we play in supporting each other and ourselves when we’ve lost something, like a job, an opportunity or even a loved one, when we can’t physically be there to comfort each other. 

In our New Moon women’s circle, we looked at growth and struggles that we want to overcome, during this time. Here we will come together to celebrate the unexpected successes and joys that have been brought to life as a result of our current unplanned disruption. Now more than ever we need to acknowledge the little joys and share them with each other. Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and settle in for a night of wonderful conversation and connection. 

Any of you that have joined us for our Bring On Your Bravery course, will know that we consider ourselves to be apprenticed to courage. It is one of our favorite topics. While this particular crisis was not what anyone had planned, courage has been demanded of all of us, throughout the spread of this novel virus. Join us to share how you’ve been brave, where you’ve felt scared, and to explore new techniques for invoking courage as we press on. 

Many of our lives have been totally upended during the COVID19 crisis. As we start to think about what life will be like after this is over, in what ways do you want it to “return to normal”? What do you want to see change? On this call we will discuss how this “crisis” is an opportunity to craft a life that serves each of us and our world in a more meaningful way.  How do you want to craft your new normal?

Our Women’s Circles have proven to be a perfect virtual escape from the doldrums of quarantine, with lots of laughter and tears as we share our hearts with each other from across the globe. On the New Moon, it is traditional to gather and set intentions for the beginning of the lunar cycle. With the space that social distancing has allowed us, it is the perfect time to spend a few moments reflecting on what we would like to create and manifest in the coming weeks. 

For hundred’s of years, May 1st has been celebrated as a day of opening possibilities and new beginnings, as reflected by the potential of freshly planted crops presents the chance for an abundant harvest. What seeds of change are you planting in your life, these days? How has this experience with crisis changed the way you see the future? Join us to explore all of the possibilities that lay before us, both individually and as a community. 

We have all endured a harrowing journey this spring. Let’s just get together with the new virtual friends you’ve made along the way and take stock of what we’ve been through and what’s ahead. Women have always had the ability to connect through shared experiences. Join with us as we hold space to really listen and carry each other’s burdens, hopefully lightening them a little, as we go. 

Resilience is a hot topic, these days, and with the International Day For Biodiversity coming up on the 22nd, we thought we’d explore how communities become more flexible and resilient when they incorporate greater diversity. Join us for a enlightening discussion of how we as a community are weathering tough times and how we can build our resilience for the future. 

What a joy it has been building relationships with all of the women who’ve joined us, so far. The wisdom and burdens shared during these calls has been a refreshing bright spot in an otherwise challenging time.  Get in on an evening (or morning for some) of laughter and sharing, connecting hearts across the globe. 

All of these calls are being offered in the spirit of the gift. We envision these calls being interactive and fun. Come with your ideas and questions to share, armed with you favorite cup of tea, a sense of humor, and an intention to connect with people in a new way.

**After you register for one of these calls, you will be sent an email with the link to log in to the Zoom call. If you haven’t used Zoom before, we recommend logging on a few minutes before hand to sign up and download the zoom player.**