July 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to Kellogg Sisters Feed & Seed: Disrupting the Familiar.

What do we mean by Disrupting the Familiar?

It is about intentionally shaking up life in big and small ways.  It’s picking up the pieces, assessing the next steps, asking for help and practicing resilience after life’s traumatic events.  It’s gathering our internal strength, persistence and bravery.  During normal times, it’s adjusting our focus in life to move beyond the familiar and see beauty in the mundane.  That’s what Kellogg Sisters strives for, disrupting the familiar through co-creating quilted heirlooms, our community events, our workshops and our webinars, through our retreats and our give back programs. We support you in adjusting your focus and seeing your world differently.

  • What parts of your life could use some disruption?
  • How could you shake things up to live a more fulfilling life?
  • Has life become a series of mundane tasks to be checked off your to-do list?
Looking for some spice in your life?
Read more about Disrupting the Familiar on Paula’s blog. 
Here’s how Kellogg Sisters is currently disrupting the familiar:
     We developed our Bring on Your Bravery course to spark a movement of brave souls doing their core work for a more beautiful world. We realize that you can’t spark a movement with a paywall.  So we decided to walk our talk, embody our beliefs and take a big leap of faith by offering our new Bring on Your Bravery course on a “pay what you can” model.  We invite you to step into a place of radical generosity, gratitude and courage to engage in the Gift Economy along with us.  For more information or to register for the course, click below.

Mark your calendar:

  • August:  Just as you plan your garden in the winter to be able to enjoy the harvest now, the same is true with co-creating beautiful, unique, handmade items, they need to be planned ahead.  Now is the time to contact us for your holiday giving.  kelloggsisters.com/shop
  • Sunday, September 15th 1-7:30pm – Land Art+Pie:  cooperative land and nature-based art in the spirit of Andy Goldsworthy, plus swimming and potluck.  kelloggsisters.com/event/land-artpie

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