“Where the Spirit does not work with the Hand, there is no art.” 

~Leonardo DaVinci

Kellogg Sisters designers and quilters want to help you surround yourself and your loved ones with beauty. We pride ourselves on the artistic craftsmanship that goes into the products that we create. Whether you want something to commemorate a special occasion or simply want to surround yourself with unique quilted art, we have what you need. 

The Difference is in the Craftsmanship

There is something so different about a handmade piece.

It has personality and character that you can sense when you touch it. It is not made in a factory overseas and it can’t be found on the shelves of your local department store. 

The quality of the work is superior. Kellogg Sisters artists bring passion and years’ worth of talent and skill to every piece. And in the case of our co-created quilts, you simply can’t replace the part of your personality that shines through in the finished product!

What We Offer

“So I wanted a unique housewarming gift. A lamp? Art? A new puppy? I settled on a table runner from Kellogg Sisters. I love the vibrant colors and weird design and even thought about keeping it for myself.”