'Making Faces' Pillows

‘Making Faces’ is a project by artist and quilter Gina Kellogg, which she started as a way to ignite her creativity.  She let fabric lead the way in developing faces based on the question “what am I facing this week?”  What emerged is a gaggle of eyes, noses, mouths and hair! As face pillows, they delight, comfort, scare and even provide companionship in this time of isolation. These unique decorative throw pillows (cushions to our UK and European friends) are one-of-a-kind creations that enhance any decor and speak to a feeling that is both delightful and relatable.  They arrive stuffed and ready to enjoy.
Co-Created (custom) Pillows are also available. When you order a custom pillow, you work directly with Gina to capture your personal style and expression of self in one of these  intricately designed, unique decorative throw pillows. Learn more by visiting our Co-Created Heirlooms Page.

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